Building Resiliency and Managing Risk      

The MIABC’s Annual Risk Management Conference is held each spring and is open to all staff of MIABC members, partners and non-member local governments. The conference provides an overview of the basic tenets of risk management, as well as presentations and workshops on more advanced topics. Best of all, it provides an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to make connections and socialize with their counterparts from other regions.

This year’s conference will focus on how local governments have been able to adapt to the complexities of a global pandemic while simultaneously responding to flood and wildfire events in their communities. The conference will reflect on how 2020 has made local governments more resilient as a result of redefining how they manage risk.

While the 2021 conference will be virtual, it will keep with the MIABC's tradition of providing attendees with the same innovative, high-quality and engaging programming that they have become familiar with by attending past in-person conferences. Attendees will still have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with their peers, listen to inspiring plenary sessions and participate in fun, interactive sessions - all from the comfort of their own home or office!